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Django stuck on validating models

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This makes it so we are defining the title field in two places, once in the model and once in the form.I go into more of the details and problems of this approach in my previous blog post at Overloading Django Form Fields. For reference, Django's own documentation is now including a rather mild warning (no warning box) on the subject at selecting the fields to use.

Matt Croydon patch is now quite dated for the existing codebase. But we _define_ BIGINT as 64 bits long (as written in doc).

One of the nice things about Django is that its forms library protects your models.

It does this by assigning one or more of Django's many built-in validators to the form fields it generates, and using them to check incoming data.

Many people will tell you that the first step to creating an Ajax webapp is to pick a Java Script library.

Should you use j Query, or Dojo, or the Pythonic Mochi Kit? The first step in implementing an Ajax webapp is to implement the webapp without Ajax.

This tutorial's aim is to guide someone with a bit of Django knowledge--but no understanding of Ajax or Java Script--through implementing a simple note taking application while touching on the high, low, and medium level concepts of creating Ajax web applications.

If you've walked through the Django tutorial then you're ready to get started with unintrusive Java Script and Ajax.

There are other ways to override the title field validators.

The easiest but not necessarily the best way is to replicate the Model Form definition of the field in the form like so: I don't like this technique.

In my opinion, the concepts behind Django's model forms can be listed in just six (6) bullets.

The bullets I've marked in bold at the top are the topic of this blog post, while the two of these that were covered in a previous blog post on Django forms are at bottom of my list.