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Diablo 3 stuck at updating tools 100

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Also they didn’t include some link but simply told me to go to battle net and get the goods there.We also invite you to share your Diablo III beta experience with the world!ATI Radeon HD 4600, 4700, 4800, 5000, 60 series products are unaffected, as is Windows XP.

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After checking the headers to make sure it wasn’t another battlenet phishing scam I noticed that the Received headers really came from, and they even signed the mail with a domainkey.

After a reasonable hiatus from Blizzard games, I have decided to reinstall Diablo 3.

I used to have it installed and working on this machine and removed my previous install using Add/Remove Programs.

I have nothing in My Documents, I have the launcher files in C:\Program Data and I have removed all of those, I have cleared all of my various temporary file locations as per the recommendations, rebooted, ensured that none of the files had returned, etc etc - still doesn't get past that screenshot For whatever reason, Internet Explorer (which I never use) was set to "work offline".

For whatever reason, with Internet Explorer set to work offline, the Diablo 3 installer was failing to do anything other than time out.

So I decided to pre-download Diablo 3 for the release date.

My downloader is at 100% and has been for some time. I tried running the now-complete that was downloaded and it's telling me I cannot due to it being in use by another program (likely the downloader). The Blizzard downloader is a P2P client, even if it has finished downloading it stays open to let others download from you. The downloader is based on Bit Torrent, an extremely robust protocol for downloading.

In fact, I went to the shop and when I came back it was still at that same point so I killed it and restarted it.

A cute crash dialog greeted me asking me to describe what I was doing to make it die.

it appears anyway when you finally fail a rift Any reason to choose this option over upgrading the Grift stone?

if you choose it without failing you won't be able to proceed 3.