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According to cyber experts, porn content is a major contributor in online revenue and there is a huge demand of Indian content which is pulling young couple to perform sex-ondemand.

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I’ve got a company retreat next month at a resort, and we’re expected to bring our significant others. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your age difference.

Problem is, no one knows that my girlfriend is twenty years younger than I am (I’m 45). I have dated women up to seven years older than I am, and now I am very happily married to a woman twenty years younger. I’ve found some truth in the various age-related clichés, such as women mature earlier.

Every day, there seems to be another outrageous new celebrity coupling announced via pictures of some May-December frolicking: Jennifer Lawrence sharing a lollipop with Darren Aronofsky; Sean Penn dating Vincent D’Onofrio’s daughter; Mel Gibson having his ninth child with his 26-year-old girlfriend; Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen double-dating with their 47-year-old and 58-year-old respective beaus; Leonardo Di Caprio’s sending another lady-love packing upon her reaching the ripe old age of 25.

How’s this for kismet: One fateful day in 1966, singer Tony Bennett met and took a photo with a couple after one of his shows.

Little did Bennett know at the time, his future wife was there, too: She was the baby growing inside the belly of the female fan.

I won’t promise it’s easy, but it is FAST and it GETS RESULTS. I start out well lit but seem to be in the dark by the end. Lance Mason founded Pickup101 and the Art of Attraction and has been teaching men the secrets of meeting and attracting women for over 6 years now. I sat around and watched all the ‘jerks’ and jocks get all the women I desperately wanted.

As you make your way around the site, you’ll see why our training programs and products are rapidly becoming known throughout the world for giving ‘average’ guys the charisma, confidence, and sexual magnetism that women instantly respond to. It been over five and half years of oh-so much fun, love, and growth. Oh I had plenty of women in my life alright plenty of friends.

You’ll find no glossy pictures of paid models, no untested ‘theory’, and no bull - just truckloads of mind blowing information that will change your relationships with beautiful women forever. If you’ve ever been in that situation you know how much it sucks.” Continue reading...

It’s all here for you and I look forward to serving you.

I know, I know: Why care that two consenting adults are canoodling when a demagogue is about to take the White House?

(Donald Trump, for the record, is 24 years older than his wife Melania, and each time he’s gotten married, it’s been to a younger woman.

This is the time that asking yourself questions like, “Am I taking up lots of space? We can give you feedback and make sure you’re doing it right. And you know the first thing she’s looking at, and it’s not your bank account.

If you don’t look like you can dress the way she wants, the way that fits her life, she can’t take a chance on you. Girls do not want to waste time explaining to men what’s important. They want a house that’s already really nice and comfy and clean, and they can move right in and start showing it off to their friends. There’s one other little secret about shoes that NO ONE else knows, but I’ll tell you, because, you know, I like you and want you to do well.