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Umar Johnson, the self-proclaimed prince of “Pan-Afrikanism” and descendant of Federick Douglass, has gotten caught with his hands – and other body parts – inside of the proverbial cookie jar.The whistleblower is a woman in her 40s named Khym Ringgold, a blonde weave-wearing resident of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.The teen girl, referred to by officials only as “Jane Doe 1,” was found by Los Angeles-area police officers weeks after she went missing from Minnesota in early January 2013.A yearlong investigation by special agents with the U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations division connected her to Carter through phone calls, online messages and other electronic information.“We’re seeing more and more cases involving domestic sex trafficking,” said Virginia Kice, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman.

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I was hurt, and nobody knew how broken and sad I was.He also blames his “escapade” with Ringgold for allegedly costing him a million-dollar donation for his boys academy, which would have come from an unnamed NBA player.In an exclusive interview with Ringgold shares with us her reasons for coming forth about their affair, which she said began in January and lasted until May of this year.In many cases, the introductions are made online.”The 16-year-old worked for Carter for the first two weeks of January 2013, according to federal officials.Carter bought a Greyhound bus ticket for her and, when she arrived at a bus stop in Los Angeles, he picked her up and gave her marijuana and Hennessy cognac.Should that be the case, the argument to ennoble him would become as spontaneous as anything can be in politics, and would spring from every quarter of society.Instead, the billionaire totalitarian socialist conspirators who rule us waited only a few years after King was assassinated in Memphis to impose the preposterous holiday in his name. We remember a man who famously said “I have a dream” and followed through on it.We remember a man who fought to erase the the residual effects of slavery that had troubled our nation since its founding.The unmarried father of two children by two women also regularly lectures about the importance of Black marriage and abstinence. Johnson has responded publicly via his Instagram to Ringgold (he later deleted it from his page, but a few people and websites have managed to save the original text).He contends that he and Ringgold never dated, but rather engaged in a series of three “after midnights.” Furthermore, he states that he was tricked by this “maggot in life” posing as a queen and that he didn’t know she was an exotic dancer until two weeks into their affair.