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Now I’m going to assume from your question that the email your friend is getting doesn’t look like spam: it’s not trying to sell you anything, ask you for money, or get you to click a link.
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The human linguistic property of "modality independence" is conceptually distinct from this. Many animal displays are polymodal in that each appears designed to exploit multiple channels simultaneously.Friction between the tapered surfaces locks the drive component to the shaft, eliminating the need for keys and keyways, splined shafts, threads, and grooves. Stainless steel and polymer coated versions are useful in food processing and other damp environments where corrosion is a concern.A keyless device applies locking pressure uniformly over a large area around a shaft circumference and inside the hub, enabling it to transmit higher torque and shock loads more consistently than one that relies on a key to transmit torque. Keyless locking devices come in many versions, including several types that use tapered components to apply locking forces against shaft and hub.

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For reliable shaft connections, keyless locking devices may be the answer.

Within mammals, habitual bipedalism has evolved multiple times, with the macropods, kangaroo rats and mice, springhare, hopping mice, pangolins and homininan apes, as well as various other extinct groups evolving the trait independently.

In the Triassic period some groups of archosaurs (a group that includes the ancestors of crocodiles) developed bipedalism; among their descendants the dinosaurs, all the early forms and many later groups were habitual or exclusive bipeds; the birds descended from one group of exclusively bipedal dinosaurs.

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Types of bipedal movement include walking, running, or hopping.

Few modern species are habitual bipeds whose normal method of locomotion is two-legged.

This article describes keyless locking devices, often called keyless bushings, that use friction to lock onto a shaft and to the hub of a drive component such as a sprocket, pulley, gear, timing cam, or roller.

Other devices lock to a shaft by means of a key and keyway, as described in PTD, “Making the right shaft connections,” 8/96.

A larger number of modern species intermittently or briefly use a bipedal gait.

Several non-archosaurian lizard species move bipedally when running, usually to escape from threats.