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Dating an illegal immigrant

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Sure, there are around 11 million people in this country illegally; sure, many toil away in horrific conditions without any legal protections; yes, we detain suspected illegal immigrants (children included) -- meaning some number of legal immigrants and citizens as well -- in obscene conditions that human rights groups say violate international norms and, yes, those citizens who employ undocumented workers do so with something very close to impunity.

But the system's not broken, according to these folks.

By DANIELLE ODIAMAR I remember the first time I knew I loved my boyfriend.

My basic philosophy was that vulnerable populations like migrants should be treated with dignity and respect and that everyone should work hard to honor and follow the laws of the land.

So when we married, we became a "mixed status" family.

Living in a vulnerable situation, with the knowledge that on any given day my husband could be deported, was brutally stressful.

It is our hope to start a much needed conversation, start a few support groups and also brighten the experience with more chocolate.

Who doesn’t love chocolate and sharing messy dating experiences?

It does -- much more than enough, in fact, given the nature of the offense in question.)Now, there is a significant group of people who would never, ever suggest that our immigration system is anything less than dysfunctional. citizen -- belonging to a fourth-generation immigrant family -- I count myself among that group.

That group consists of anyone who has ever had any opportunity to interact with it in any way whatsoever. What I learned through the experience is that the difference between a "legal" and "illegal" immigrant often comes down to whether one can afford a decent, well-connected lawyer.

There are some decent arguments floating around, some kooky ones and one that reveals that the person making it is utterly clueless about the issue.

That argument, in a nutshell, is that the system's fine.

All over the US, there are families in similar circumstances.

Immigration is an issue that always spurs heated debates.