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Consolidating student loans and forbearance

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It’s always important to call your lender and attempt to work out an agreement with them, rather than simply ignore the problem or hope it will go away.

Below, we’ll explain each step of the process to prepare for what happens if you don’t pay your student loans.

Forbearance can either be mandatory or discretionary.

Mandatory forbearance means that the lender is obligated to grant the debtor forbearance.

Forbearance can be easier to set up than a deferment because it doesn’t depend on the type of loan that you have, and isn’t subject to the same laws that apply to deferments.

But — there’s always a but — keep in mind that interest continues to accrue during forbearance.

Higher education is expensive, and unless you have a sizable nest egg set aside to cover your college costs you will need to consider a student loan.

Sometimes, forbearance can leave borrowers in a worse financial position though as interest can pile up while the loans are in forbearance The US Government does not pay for interest during the forbearance period.

That means all the interest will capitalize and be added onto the balance of your loan during the forbearance period.

If the debtor is approved, forbearance will be granted one year at a time.

It should be noted that there is no limitation to the number of years that the debtor can continue this forbearance for.

Default is when a borrower simply does not meet his or her repayment obligation.

If you have missed one or two payments, you are generally considered to be delinquent, not in default!

This can accrue very quickly thus forbearance is often not the best financial option for many debtors.

The only way to prevent the interest from accruing is to pay it while in forbearance (which clearly doesn’t help solve the problem of not being able to afford your loans! If you have poor health or other personal issues, which affect your ability to make loan payments, the FFEL and Direct Loan programs allow forbearance.

Qualifying for Teacher Loan Forgiveness Pursuing Public Service Loan Forgiveness Investigating Other Ways to Reduce Your Student Loan Debt Community Q&A If you are struggling to make payments on your student loans, you aren’t alone – higher education is very expensive, and most students finish school with significant debt.

Fortunately, if your loans are federal, you have access to a variety of repayment plans (including those based on your income), and you may also qualify for various deferment, forbearance, and consolidation options.