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College students can take out new loans each year they're in school, so by the time graduation comes, it's common to have half a dozen, or more, individual loans.Each of them may have different terms, including interest rates.Today we will look at the factors that go into the decision, and the circumstances in which it works.Here at the Student Loan Sherpa, we often say that consolidating federal loans into a private loan breaks The Golden Rule of Student Loan Consolidation. Consolidating your federal loans into a private loan means that the federal loan perks are gone.You can repay your federal consolidation loan from a lender using two methods. For the latter, you have a low initial amount which regularly increases as set by your lender.For those who have graduated, your repayment is determined based on your income.Federal consolidation has become popular as most students have different loans.

Thus, there is little incentive for private lenders to offer lower rates as they retain a strong claim over the debt even if the borrower declares bankruptcy.

As a student in college, your only wish is to finish your education without having any problems, especially money problems.

You can stay secure by applying for the loans provided by the federal government.

When considering options to consolidate private loans, remember that you qualify for lower rates if you have graduated, taken a job and made steps toward improving your credit score.

Credit unions have become particularly aggressive in pushing private student loan consolidation.

Historically, that may have been accurate, since consolidation was often used as a way to lock in a low interest rate on variable-rate loans, says financial aid expert Mark Kantrowitz.

But that hasn't been the case for the past decade, since the government stopped issuing student loans with variable rates.

By combining your interest rates, you also lose the ability to employ a favorite tactic of financial planners for paying down debt: targeting the most expensive debt, the loan with the highest interest rate, first.

What's more, consolidation typically results in the borrower paying more in total interest because consolidated loans are generally stretched out over a longer period, says Jessica Ferastoaru, a student loan counselor with Take Charge America.2.

Many federal borrowers are paying upwards of 8% on their student loans.

This number does not change as interest rates drop, no does it change if you have a great income or credit score.