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figure out what needs to be upgraded and in what order, but not actually do it.


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All the checks and logging functions can be used independently, or be used in test frameworks as or nose To make is extensible and more flexible, meta-programming and functional programming technologies are used in this package.

It makes the source is thus likely not something for Python beginners.

The behavior I am getting is that the Grandparent component is getting the response from the service.

If I comment out the subscribe code in the Grandparent, then I see the parent behavior.

Although we believe the calculations provided to be correct, we do not assume liability for any incorrect calculations.

If you suspect that any calculation contains an error please e-mail us and we will research the calculation.


The code string will be recorded for the check if desc is None. Address = adr First End If Next Int Row6=Int Row6 1 Loop -1 The question remains as to why you are using vbscript when you will need to automate Excel to get anything approaching a solution. In addition, I see you are still not using the Excel tag. I'm running into a roadblock that seems like a simple fix, but I can't seem to figure out a solution.Here is a simplified version of what I'm looking at: JOBCOUNT ACCTNUM LOCNUM COMPDATE DURATION -------- ------- ------ -------- -------- 2 001 003 8/21/2015 15.48763889 3 001 003 10/5/2015 41.98304398 4 001 003 10/19/2015 13.21804398 5 001 003 11/13/2015 24.43752315 6 001 003 11/30/2015 11.35537037 JOBCOUNT ACCTNUM LOCNUM COMPDATE DURATION -------- ------- ------ -------- -------- 2 001 003 8/21/2015 15.48763889 1 001 003 10/5/2015 41.98304398 2 001 003 10/19/2015 13.21804398 3 001 003 11/13/2015 24.43752315 4 001 003 11/30/2015 11.35537037 Because the second job falls outside of the 30-day window, the chain should start over at one with the next job.My issue is that I cannot find a way to partition the data so that this criteria is recognized and also starts over the count.It seems there is a bug in Angular2 when you use ng If in conjunction with the router tag.Once I changed the Grandparent ng If to [hidden], both subscriptions fired as expected.I have about 50,000 lines of data to which this sequencing needs to be applied. The sample starts with 2 because the original job is being excluded earlier in the query due to it not being necessary in the output to be distributed (I have some columns joined to the end of my original data pull that add in the previous job info for reference, so the first job would be redundant).I have a service that updates my database I want it to update both my Grandparent and parent components.The checks function is for writing multiple checks in a simpler format. timeout=30, fail if the step could not complete in 30 seconds - repeat: e.g.repeat=20, repeat in another second if fail until pass, timeout in 20s - duration: e.g.