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Christian perspectives on dating divorcees

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We all knew Cindy wasn't casually deciding to end her marriage—few people do.

Divorce is one of the most agonizing choices a couple makes.

I make this paper available so that the basis for certain statements in the official paper can be readily obtained.

In the Catechism of the Catholic Church is explained that "the intimate community of life and love which constitutes the married state has been established by the Creator and endowed by him with its own proper laws.

God himself is the author of marriage." The vocation to marriage is written in the very nature of man and woman as they came from the hand of the Creator.

" By reason of their state in life and of their order, [Christian spouses] have their own special gifts in the People of God."This grace proper to the sacrament of Matrimony is intended to perfect the couple's love and to strengthen their indissoluble unity.

By this grace they "help one another to attain holiness in their married life and in welcoming and educating their children." Christ is the source of this grace.

John Piper is founder and teacher of desiring and chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary.

For 33 years, he served as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We'd seen the lives of our children changed forever.

Years later, we continue to live with the ongoing pain and complications of a destroyed marriage.

As a licensed psychologist, I've heard many people consider the possibility of ending their marriage.

They look at divorce as a solution to their marital woes, a viable answer to their pain and frustration. In a recent study by the Institute for American Values chaired by sociologist Linda Waite of the University of Chicago, researchers asked, "Does divorce make people happy?