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Using other indicators can also provide a timelier gauge of the state of the economy.

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My wife picked a Ralph Lauren Regent Metallic paint for the walls, will there be any problem applying this paint on top of the Zinsser? Or is the RL paint going to be a problem in a bathroom?Moisture shouldn't be a huge issue, there's a stand up shower but I've installed a ceiling fan with twice the recommended CFM for the square footage.On Playstation 3, Knights of the Nine is included with all versions of the game.Shivering Isles can be purchased from the The Orrery Pack allows you to help the Mages Guild of Cyrodiil repair the Imperial Orrery, an ancient dwarven machine with mystical properties.

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This is a list of official add-ons, downloadable content created by Bethesda Softworks for Oblivion.

Ten add-ons have been released for Oblivion, with Shivering Isles serving as the game's only major expansion pack.

Excluding Shivering Isles and Fighter's Stronghold, all of the add-ons are included on the Knights of the Nine retail disc.

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I'm nearing the end of a complete bathroom gut and I'm about ready to paint.

I'm looking at using Zinsser bathroom paint for the ceiling.

Bandits have stolen a shipment of parts destined for the Arcane University; if you can return them, the Orrery will function once more.

I've tried to find this among the many posts here, but no luck, sorry if it's a repeat question for ya's.

This will be covering new drywall and drywall compound.

Secondly, it seems like it'd be good to use it to prime the walls as well, the whole moisture barrier is appealing.