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After a brief period of initial support in the 1920s, during which some instruction and publishing in Bukhori took place, Soviet authorities made Russian the language of education, culture, and authority.

Regardless of the exact date the Jews were introduced to Central Asia, all agree that by the end of the 4th century BCE, when Alexander the Great arrived, there was a large community of Jews living in the region.Little detailed linguistic research has been carried out, almost none in recent years or in English.Bukhori remains vital, the everyday language of a global diaspora used in many different contexts, but its long-term future is in doubt, as fewer young people speak the language.Jews arrival in Central Asia: The beginning of a Jewish settlement in the area around Bukhara may go back as far as the 7th century BCE when the Jews were exiled by the Assyrians(II Kings 17:6).It is to this date that the Bukharan Jews themselves trace their heritage.There are a lot of really nice old fashioned half-timbered, gambrel roof and Dutch style homes around here and the Bukharian buildings look totally out of place. If they are tearing down historic buildings then they can be stopped by some sort of law preserving historic buildings. It's going to be hard to determine if people have actually been damaged by the construction of these houses or if they just don't like them because they are Jews. I don't think anyone would be upset if these folks were just moving into existing houses. Trying to spin this as a clash of cultures, I think, is missing the point; the real issue seems to be just an aesthetic one.I think they should have some kind of rule that the new houses built in the area should be required to roughly match the existing ones. I guess we could round them up and place em in camps... Are they hurting the surrounding property values by building these "ugly" houses? Since when are Buildings in New York supposed to match? The people who have lived here for more than a half century, like my grandparents, are very attached to the look of the neighborhood.Younger Bukharians are increasingly learning English and Hebrew, the languages of their newly adopted homelands.Traditionally written with Hebrew letters, notably by Rabbi Shimon Hakham in Jerusalem, Bukhori has also been adapted for the Cyrillic and Roman alphabets, with hundreds of books having been published on a wide array of subjects.This flavorful rice dish is a modern take on traditional Bukharian Sabbath rice.The recipe, which is from Silk Road Vegetarian by Dahlia Abraham-Klein (Tuttle), was a weekly favorite in Abraham-Klein’s home when she was a child.