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L here and ready to bring you the scoop from the internet dating websites. I may be one year older as of a few days ago, but I’m as immature and judgmental as ever.
The rift in the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica has grown by 17km in the last few days and is now only 13km from the ice front, indicating that calving of an iceberg is probably very close, researchers revealed after studying satellite data. A new surgical technique could allow prosthetic limbs to feel much more like natural limbs.
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To protect your anonymity DO NOT log in via Facebook or Google, even if the site suggests this, just use your first name and first letter of your last name,.g., June.
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All you have to do is bat a lash, act entirely disinterested, cold and bitchy, and boys will fall at your feet.
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After registering, you can create your personal Inner Circle account (“Your Account”).
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