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Battle net account balance not updating

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Wo W’s latest expansion, Legion, is without a doubt brilliant, it puts the WOW back in World of Warcraft according to our reviewer.Even if you are playing only Wo W and have no interest in playing anything else, you can still spend the balance on character boosts, name changes, faction changes and a variety of in-game pets.Character Services • Guild Services • Balance If you want to purchase a Character or Guild Service, or if you want to add Balance funds to your account, you may use the following payment methods: Account Hacked Account has been hacked or compromised. This Needs Your Attention Troubleshooting steps for payment error: Oops! Blizzard Country Change Requests to change the country of residence on a Blizzard account.Hi all I am trying to play wow though for some reason when launching the client app it says: checking for updates though it fails.Also, your purchase appears to have been for Australian dollars so you'll need to change the currency displayed in-game to match to see the balance. If I don't get the items I have paid for until next year, after my holidays are over and my diablo time drops to near zero, I can assure blizzard will not get my money again.

Why is the warning about this AFTER I purchase funds? I should not have to wait longer than On Mouse Up() to get my funds.

Not sure why, but I still do not have the funds I purchased 2 hours ago in my balance.

My bank statement shows I was instantly billed the money, yet its not showing up in my balance.

Below, we have a list of accepted payment methods for each of our shops: The Shop allows most of our available payment methods, which include: Note: Because the mobile version of Hearthstone uses your i Tunes, Google Play, or Amazon Appstore account, you can't use Balance to make purchases in the app.

Note: American Express cannot be used to purchase in Roubles.

Also, your purchase appears to have been for Australian dollars so you'll need to change the currency displayed in-game to match to see the balance.wanted to buy my girlfriend an echoing fury..

Starting with the Diablo III beta test, a new feature called Balance was made available to store virtual currency purchased with real money to buy game-related services (character transfers, digital products like companions, and items in Diablo III's real-money auction house).

NET END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT WILL BECOME EFFECTIVE ON FEBRUARY 28, 2015 G. This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which you are licensed to install and use the client software (“Client”) to obtain access to, and use Games on

CAREFULLY READ THIS AGREEMENT (THE “AGREEMENT”) BEFORE INSTALLING THE BATTLE. Thank you for your interest in Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.’s (“Blizzard” or “we”)® game platform (“”) and Blizzard’s interactive games (“Games”).

Thanks Steve Orcot, Make sure that your LAN settings and Internet Explorer settings are set correctly. Please be aware that running while in this mode can potentially disable any security programs you may have running. Let's try deleting those files, so that they can be redownloaded.

Here's a support article that will help: Disabling Proxy Settings______________________________________________________Orcot,1. Here's a support article with steps on how run the selective startup: Closing Background Applications______________________________________________________Thanks again Dankorii, I have tried this as well and still it hands when checking for updates and then just comes up with a connection error even though my connection is fine and hasnt changed.