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Browse two stories of new and used tales tomes, share coffee and pastries or hibiscus lemonades, and get lost in a world of literary wonder.
I like to make friends who have sexual overtures and don't like to bounds.

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and relaxed knowing the fingers that she's pressing into my balls is causing me to suffer so bad that I can't do a thing to get her to stop poking her finger into my balls if I wanted to and she can make me suffer bad as long as she wants and she knows it.and either he grabs your balls and starts squeezing them or you grab his and started squeezing?Cock and ball torture and ball busting cam shows are what losers like you need These cruel will take sadistic pleasure in hearing your cries of pain and your pleading for mercy.

Without me thinking I separated my legs to really block the way through but of... She and I had been very silly with each other all day, lots of joking and... My sister one day mention my balls when she was talking about fighting but I couldn't hear what she said.

Your balls belong to her and if she wants to abuse them then theres nothing you can do about it Pathetic males like you are only on this planet to give a woman the pleasure of beating your balls black and blue on live cam.

Your cock couldnt satisfy anyone so abuse is all it deserves.

Female, Male, Str8, Gay, Bi, visitors, members, Story Authors, Artists, etc.

when I was at school I was teasing some would say bullying a girl at school.

Digging them in deep to you, twisting and turning and laughing at you as you squeal out in pain?

She does not care, she could not give a dam about you or your feelings.

The dynamics of tamakeri are attacks on a specific part of the male anatomy, namely the testicles, and the genre appeals to sadistic women as well as to both hetero- and homosexual masochistic males.

With the advent of the digital age, the viewership of this fetish has increased rapidly, accounting for more than around five million people approximately around the world indulging in this fetish.

Originally popular in Japan, it has now spread all over the world.

Tamakeri is the Japanese term, but it is used by many non-Japanese as well.