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Asp onrowupdating inserts new row

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The method “Add Empty Row To Grid” has been called in the Page_Load event under the condition if(! It will bind one blank row to the Grid View before postback is done.

This works as expected and I can put a breakpoint in the Row Command event handler to see the "Event" command name.I need to know how to enable the grid view so I can select a row to then invoke the delete. To get an idea to how to perform insert, update and delete in a grid-view, have a look at these article about Grid View Examples for ASP.Generally Grid View is used to show data in tabular format. I have taken an example of a simple database table of having User Name, Password, Super Password, User Type, Admin Desc and Active fields.And when to use to insert and this same event is used to perform update on existing records.Here logic is to check which button is clicked by user is it insert button or update button.If its insert it will perform insert action which is “if” block and if its update then “else” block will be executed.This code drop is part of a Smash and Grab series for the seriously ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) programmer.I mean, who really cares about how works, you just use it.Please fully comment the code so that the person who really cares (and has the time) will be able to understand the underlying algorithm.I'll bet there are a lot of other programmers out there who would like to make code available to others, but just don't want to spend the hours required to create a full-blown "Code Project" article.This is an attempt to see if I can make some useful code available to other programmers, and do it in 10 minutes.