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Asian men dating europe

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The magazine The Economist published an article on 3rd September this year with the title, “I don´t”, describing how most Japanese who want to get married find it hard to accomplish their goal.There are many similarities between Japan, an advanced post-industrial society, and the western countries in general.In some local towns with a population of a few thousand, most people have a car and there are few passengers in the buses, leaving room for an honest conversation. I asked, “Why a woman from Asia, it is so far away and then there are so many women in Denmark? Some years ago, a website where Scandinavian men search for wives,, declared Sweden to be the country with the highest percentage of local men with Thai wives or life partners.

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Some he met by chance, others he met through friends or a local marriage agency."One of the most important reasons, of course, is that the women from these countries are beautiful, and they comply with my idea of beauty," Yuan laughed.

Well, this may be entirely true of many prosperous western countries.

Let us take the example of Dartmouth College, one figuring in the American list of Ivy League schools, which announced this year that it had more women than men graduating from its engineering course this year.

In a post on Reddit titled The dating situation for Asian men in the West, someone noted: …it seems that French women seem to have a thing for Asian men….

There are many myths and stereotypes when it comes to dating asian guys.

The date was organized by a local dating agency, and five of them found a match, according to a Daily Mail October 11 report.

I have heard from a multitude of sources that places like Bali, France, Holland, Russia (and other eastern European countries) as well as various Latin American countries have the disparity between Asian men paired with local women vs vice versa as either being near equal or vastly skewed in favor of Asian males.

I just wanted to point out that our dating situation is not so extremely pathetic in every part of the world as your article may make us out to be.

From what I hear amongst Asian male travelers abroad is that the dating scene for Asian men is most bleak in Anglo nations.

"In recent years, more of my friends are also going to these countries to find wives.

Some of them already have." According to Yuan's observation, most of the Chinese men who go to Eastern European countries to find wives tend to be affluent and more familiar with the Western culture, lifestyle and value system.