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We will video chat with you room by room, and you never have to leave home.

No pesky wasted time while you twiddle your thumbs waiting for someone to show up to give you an estimate.

(When Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo in 2013, the platform buried some of its explicit content in internal search results, but the posts remain.) For now, Cabana can only pull videos from You Tube, but one can only imagine how an app offering private video chatrooms with visual stimuli might be used once other video sources are introduced.

This might also explain why Tumblr is clearly branding Cabana as a complementary app for friends—something Karp and Polyvore Labs product management director Jason Lee pointed out repeatedly.

All of my high school and college friends have moved off to big cities like Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago to pursue their dreams.

But I had to go and start a band based out of Tampa, so I can’t exactly up and relocate. But the video game world is changing, and oo Voo is incorporating all sorts of unique new bells and whistles to make the user experience more customizable.

As live video and photo sharing become increasingly central to mobile communication, other businesses have been working hard to ensure that they're catering to growing consumer demand.

Have questions about the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellows (STPF) application process?

“They don’t have the same capability to observe and report…They don’t have the same capability to recover and analyze.” That’s where the smartphones, tablets and other types of communication gear could help.

“We’re looking to overcome that now with other means because we need that information to be able to understand what’s going on and help them with that because … Today, troops are in the early stages of teaching the Iraqis how to use tablets to capture what they are seeing on the battlefield.

“I certainly have, hanging out with my friends and realizing that they haven’t seen that latest, incredible viral video, or haven’t seen this one thing that’s really very profound or important to me.” Karp believes Cabana—which Tumblr has regrettably christened a “digital couch”—can re-create the moment you insist a friend watch a video in front of you, just so you can “be there for them experiencing it for the first time.”, though their design leaves a bit to be desired.

At first glance, Cabana wins on the design front; it also benefits from the Tumblr banner, which could be crucial if the intent is for Cabana to encourage higher engagement on Tumblr.

Language barriers and other challenges abound, but the goal is to enable Face Time-like video chat.

, popular North American chat app Kik introduced video calling, according to a blog post from the company.

It’s such an easy way to find out the price of your move.

You can show us your glass unicorn collection and we can discuss who’s going to do the packing; what’s moving and where; and how much it will cost to make your move.

Video chatting has been paramount to maintaining my social life upon the departure of my dear comrades, and oo Voo allows me to hang out with a few people at once. You’ve heard us at AG blab on and on about augmented reality, so I’ll try to keep the repetition to a minimum. I don’t know what your actual choices will be, but I’d really like to think that Shrek is one of them.

One of the awesome things they’re cooking up is the development of “virtual avatars that can mimic users’ facial expressions in real time.” In other words, if you have a very important oo Voo call with your long-distance boyfriend at sharp and you haven’t allotted enough time to put on makeup or do your hair, you can just opt to be a giant whale. Another thing they’re working on is background replacement.