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Before we start you may be asking yourself, whats up with the Beeker picture?

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In this new video, they answer the question: what has Ecas done for you? Please help us spread the word by downloading the poster and printing it for your local community noticeboard, or share it via social media.

Spaces are available in the following activities: Art, craft and computing, check the individual pages for further details or phone Janice on 01.

To delve deeper, go underground Is it my imagination, or did it just get a little colder?

These tales are not fit for the glare of daylight – or for telling to those under 18.

Join us, and your guide will share true stories of sinister misdeeds and terrible consequences, starting above ground around the wynds and closes of the Old Town.

Should I write down a few sentences in case I had to say anything about myself?

It becomes pretty clear very early on that we're all going to have to get our heads around a new vocabulary and a huge amount of information very, very quickly.

There’s definitely an unsettling feel to our Blair Street Underground Vaults – your expert Mercat guide will reveal troubled tales as you continue this terrifying walking tour.

Expect true stories of murder and hangings – all of which took place right here in the vaults.

In each session, there seem to be endless sheets, handouts, booklets and photocopies. There are many thoughtprovoking moments and I'm full of admiration for the Volunteer Co-ordinators who are training us and forcing us to reflect on issues some of us have never come across before.

The same fears and concerns crop up in each session.

Our latest annual report is available to see some of the great things Ecas have been doing throughout the year.

Included in the report is artwork Ecas clients produced on nearby Crawford bridge. This website has been designed as an easy-to-use guide to the charity, its work, its history and the people who make it tick.