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Can the employee be disciplined for insubordination or being AWOL?

A Rastafarian arrives for a job interview at a bank.

The fact that the dominant Christian religion has only two or three mandatory holy days does not mean that equal treatment without discrimination will follow if every other religion is given two or three days off with pay to observe only some of their holy days.4.

Flexible Scheduling - The purpose of this measure is to allow a flexible work schedule for employees, or to allow for substitution or rescheduling of days when an employees religious beliefs do not permit him or her to work certain hours.

Instead of throwing a company Christmas Party, throw a Holiday or End of Year Party.

Allow Flexibility in Accommodating Requests for Days Off - When an employee requests time off to observe a holy day, the employer has an obligation to accommodate the employee.

He previously taught at Mc Gill University and the University of Exeter, and spent the spring of 2004 teaching two graduate seminars at the State Islamic University of Indonesia in Jakarta.

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What guiding principles have the courts have provided?

This happens to be the busiest time in the employer's shop and letting the employee go would result in a loss of revenue.

Accordingly the employer refuses, but the employee still left his work station to attend prayers.

He is the co-editor, with Will Kymlicka, of Language Rights and Political Theory (Oxford, 2003).

He is the author of Hegel’s Idea of Freedom (Oxford, 1999), which won the APSA First Book Prize in Political Theory and the C. Macpherson Prize awarded by the Canadian Political Science Association.

Case law has suggested that employers should, at a minimum, provide employees with paid religious days off to the extent of the number of religious Christian days that are also statutory holidays.

However, it is not necessary to limit the number of days off for religious observances to the same number of religious Christian days already allowed by the firm.

On religious holidays when employees do come to work, be flexible by allowing them to come in late or early or take extended lunch breaks to accommodate worship schedules. Hijabs, flowing robes, and long beards are all examples of religious dress that could run afoul of your company’s dress code.

If faith-based dress and grooming don’t interfere with employees’ abilities to do their jobs, it’s best to allow them. In December, when two of the most-celebrated religious holidays occur (Christmas and Hanukkah), there’s no need to skip the festivities for fear of offending non-observing employees.

An employee who is required to use vacation days, unpaid leave or who has to change his or her work schedule in order to observe his or her holy days is suffering a burden for observing his or her religion -- something members of the majority religion are not required to do.3.

Create Policy - Organizations are also encouraged to adopt policies that allow for flexibility in the number of days off for religious observance.