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Correspondence Address: V G Ramesh Department of Neurosurgery, Chettinad Superspeciality Hospital, Chettinad Health City, Kelambakkam, Chennai - 603 103, Tamil Nadu India Source of Support: None, Conflict of Interest: None Ependymomas are common in intramedullary location and extradural location of the spinal cord is very rare.

A few cases in the lumbosacral region have been reported.

Extradural occurrence of ependymomas are very unusual and have been confined mainly to the sacral region.

Studies concerning bat autumn swarming behavior suggest that the main purpose of this phenomenon is mating.

This report presents a cervical dumb-bell ependymoma with a small intraspinal extradural component and a large extraspinal component in the posterior triangle of the neck. This is probably the first such case report in the cervical region in the world literature.

Possible histogenesis of ependymoma in this location is also discussed.

Cell-autonomous inhibition of mi R-223 in the adult mouse dentate gyrus NS/PCs led to a significant increase in immature neurons soma size, dendritic tree total length, branch number per neuron and complexity, while neuronal migration in the dentate gyrus remained unaffected.

Overexpression of mi R-223 decreased dendritic tree total length, branch number and complexity in neurons differentiated from human embryonic stem cells (h ESCs).

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Mi RNA profiling, loss and gain of function studies coupled with dendritic tree development morphometric analysis and calcium influx imaging were utilized to investigate the role of mico RNA-223 in differentiating NS/PCs.However, the process of fat accumulation is crucial for surviving winter, and it seems to be in clear conflict with a need to strive for the opportunity to mate prior to hibernation.Investment in one activity limits the other one creating a trade-off between them.While swimming rapidly males secrete pulses of luminescence to attract females, but females do not reciprocate with light production.Females have been hypothesized to be attracted to and exhibit choice between these signals but this remained untested.In order to maximize her proximity to each pulse in the display, a responding female swims at a compensatory angle above the display to adjust her vector to intercept the male above each preceding pulse. Interception can result from either plotting an interception course or copying the exact motion path of the target. 2000; Olberg 2012) also use shortcuts by plotting interception courses to their targets.These data support the hypothesis that luminescence is the initial signal used by males to attract receptive females in courting ostracods. The majority of mammalian studies have focused on how individuals intercept moving inanimate targets such as Frisbees (dogs; Shaffer et al. Dogs and humans plot and intercept flying targets by maintaining a constant visual angle with their target (Mc Beath et al. A requirement for these successful interceptions is the ability for the individual to predict, with some degree of accuracy, the future location of its target.Mi RNA profiling in human NS/PCs before and after differentiation in vitro reveals modulation of mi RNAs following differentiation of NS/PCs.Mi R-223, a micro RNA well characterized as a hematopoietic-specific mi RNA was identified.Neurol India 2013;3-5How to cite this URL: Ramesh V G, Karthikeyan K V, Rao K R, Balasubramanian C.Neurol India [serial online] 2013 [cited 2017 Jun 4];3-5. 2013/61/3/303/115073 They occur in the intramedullary location and in the filum terminale and arise from the ependymal lining of spinal central canal and ependymal remnants in the filum terminale.