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There were plans to build a 460 MW coal-fired unit (VL6), proposed by Engie SA (formerly GDF Suez) and Energia Italiana, but the plans were cancelled.The plant originally included four coal units dating to 19.Unit 1 has been configured to an 800 MW combined cycle natural gas-fired unit, known as VL5.Two 330 MW coal-fired units, known as UL3 and VL4, were closed down by a judge in 2014 for exceeding pollution limits, Plans to construct a new high-efficiency coal-fired unit at Vado Ligure and modernize the existing sections to improve environmental performance obtained the VIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) from the Ministry for Environment in 2009.Avedøreværket is a monument on the city’s skyline, visibly reminding the citizens of Copenhagen daily of the source of their heat and electricity.Designed by architects Claus Bjarrum and Jørgen Hauxner, it is located in the suburb of Avedøre to the south of the city.As our building of the week, Wiper selected the Avedøreværket power station, which sits on the skyline of Copenhagen’s harbour, from this series.

The British photographer Alastair Philip Wiper is based in Copenhagen, where one of his photographic series documents the changing shapes of Denmark’s functional buildings – like power stations and incineration plants – over different eras.The proposal for continued operation of the plant's coal-fired section raised concern among community groups, who noted health risks associated with the plant's extreme proximity to schools, hospitals and other downtown businesses and cited figures showing that deaths from lung cancer in Vado Ligure were nearly twice the national average (112 per 100,000 in Vado Ligure vs. In March 2012, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development authorized the plant expansion and modernization project, which provided for possible overhaul of the two existing 330-MW coal-fired units at the site once the new 460 MW coal unit was completed.Conversion of the first existing unit would be authorized automatically upon start-up of the new 460 MW unit.The structure consists of two separate units: Avedøre 1, from 1990, burns mostly coal and sometimes oil, and can reach an energy conversion efficiency of 91 percent; Avedøre 2, from 2001, burns a wide range of fuels including natural gas, straw, wood pellets and heavy fuel oil.Vado Ligure Power Station is an 800-megawatt gas-fired power plant in Liguria, Italy, owned by Tirreno Power.There was something epic about the station, something sci-fi.It not only produced power, but it exuded power in its form.Location: Waterford, CT (3.2 miles WSW of New London, CT) in Region I Operator: Dominion Nuclear Connecticut, Inc.With all of its units dating back to mid-1950s, the plant ranked 49th on the United States list of dirtiest power plants in terms of sulfur dioxide emissions per megawatt-hour of electrical energy produced in 2006.Additionally, Duke had planned to retire the 1950s-vintage power units as a result of a new federal mercury rule.“Our goal is to support employees and provide them an opportunity to look for other positions in the company,” said Duke spokesman Lew Middleton.“These job opportunities may require employees to relocate if they accept a position in another region.All affected employees were also offered an opportunity for severance benefits from the company.”The shutdown is having an emotional impact on some of long-term workers.